*this video contains nakedness, watch at your own discretion*

Mothering Myself: Cramps

Video, 2018. 

This video is best viewed with headphones and is NSFW with non sexual nakedness.

Cramps is the 3rd iteration of a 9 part video series named Mothering Myself. Playing on the idea of 9 months in utero, I touch on themes of creating a new life for myself as a transgender person. In pursuing a medical transition, I have made the personal decision not to have children. What does this mean to Mother myself into adulthood, knowing that I am giving up fertility yet I am to birth my inner 2spirit person? 

The red background is 2 Mountain Equipment Co-Op mattresses stacked against the wall. I am weighing the use of modern day camping supplies and the Indigenous diaspora of not knowing traditional knowledge of surviving in the bush. Cramps was filmed during protests for the murder of Colten Boushie in KKKanada, and has heavily informed this work. This was a failed attempt in self soothing in the winter months in cold, harsh Alberta.